623270 Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast
Revda, ul. Sosnovaya 37
Phone: +7 (34397) 5-36-00, +7-912-629-1636
Fax: +7 (34397) 5-66-74
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Revda town

From the history of Revda.

In June 1724 Berg-board gave a decree to ural worker Nikita Demidov on building of ironmaking factory on the Revda river near the flowing of it in the Chusovaya river, were magnetic iron ore was founded. However the metallurgical factory was build here in 1731-1734 by son N. Demidov Akinfiem.

In detail

Modern region of Revda.

Last century, especially last ten-years, essentially changed figure of region. Today there are 8 settlements include: Revda town, settlements: Krylatovsky, Krasnoyar, Gusevka, Emelino, Ledyanka, villages: Marininsk, Kungurka.

In detail

Useful information about town you can find on the site administration of the Revda town region.

Map of Revda town.

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