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From the history of Revda

In June 1724 Berg-board gave a decree to ural worker Nikita Demidov on building of ironmaking factory on the Revda river near the flowing of it in the Chusovaya river, were magnetic iron ore was founded. However the metallurgical factory was build here in 1731-1734 by son N. Demidov Akinfiem.

The 1st of September of 1734 (year of starting factory) is the year of a birth of Revda. By this time on the bank of the huge Revda reserroir arose small factory settlement. In 1750 there were about 200 farmsteads. In the first years factory smelt 50 thousand pounds of iron, then at the end of XVIII century 245 pounds.

The conditions of labour on Demidovskaya factory were terrible Especially difficult was charcoal-burner whom were about 1 thousand on the factory and it wasn`t surprise, that workers spoke against their oppressors. In 1771, 1774, 1801, 1824, 1826, 1841 and 1861 agitations happened in Revda. Especially important spoke of charcoal-burner was in April of 1841. It was one of the largest spoke of workers.

Later factory in Revda went through the period of decline during the reform period. Production was in a condition of stagnation, factory equipment didn`t renew and became ramshackle, and the factory was passed from one hand to another. Situation was so critical, that in 1867 the factory was closed. Many citizen went to the other factories.

In 1897 in Revda were 7862 people. Except the work on the factory, many citizens were engaged in trades. Citizens of Revda had so rare kind of earnings as trade of barge hauler for Ural before the railway was built.

Communication with railway network of Russia Revda got only after building the line Perm-Kungur-Ekaterinburg (1900-1906). Construction of railway, and economic development in Ural at the beginning of second decade of XX century couldn`t impact on the development of the settlement.

Revda was a center of Revda mountainous district, where expect Revda`s factory, included large Bisert`s factory, an also auxiliary Marininski and Baranovski factories. Before the revolution in Revda`s settlement lived about 10 thousand citizens. There were 3 churches, schools where studed no more than 450 people, small hospital on 15 beds where were doctor and 3 medical assistants, tea room, numerous of public houses and others trading establishments with annual income 286 thousand rubles. There were about 1800 workers on the Revda`s factory.

From the book N.I. Yrkova
Chronicle of ural`s villages. Revda`s region






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