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Modern region of Revda

Last century, especially last ten-years, essentially changed figure of region. Today there are 8 settlements include: Revda town, settlements: Krylatovsky, Krasnoyar, Gusevka, Emelino, Ledyanka, villages: Marininsk, Kungurka.

Municipal eduacation (M.E.) is situated in the middle of Ural, on the south-west of Sverdl. obl. It`s area 1106.05 km2 that contains 0.57% area of sverdl. obl., and 0.006% area of Russia. By it size region surpass line of small European states, such as Andora, San Marino and so on.

The border of the region rounds difficult of access apexes, goes on forests and fields. It`s length 210km. Extent Revda`s region from the north to the south is 62km, from the west to the east is 40km, on the north and about 10km on the south. Extreme northern point is one of the pick of Shaitanski Ural. It`s latitude is 56`52%. The southern point has latitude 56`18 and situated on the border with Polevskoi region. Extreme western point M.E is situated in 16km from Revda, on the border with Nizhneserginskim region. It`s longitude 59`38. The eastern point is 60`22- is situated in 14km from Degtyarsk. On the south-west region has general border with Chelyabinskaya oblast with extent about 500m.

On the territory M.E Revda`s region the border is passed of two parts of the world: Europe and Asia. Maximum apex- is mountain Shunut (726km) middle summit is 350-500m. Notice, that region is moved of from Atlantic Ocean on 2100km, from the Arctic Ocean on 1550km. Nevertheless it`s both have an influence on our climat.

Revda`s region is situated on joint of two economical zones. The industrial development is characterized it. It takes transit place between west and east. Historical changes in economical and geographical position have happened during the last years.

From the book T.I.Koneva, T.S.Rudomyatova
Revda from the century to the century




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